My Four P’s For Success in Any Online Business! – Part One

Starting an Online Business can be an eye opening experience, or more likely, an eye popping experience for most people.  With each idea or training technique or video I watch, yet another thought crosses my mind of an ever increasing way to move my business forward.  They all sound great!  I’ve read, taken notes, printed material after material, and read and reread article after article in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of this online marketing business thing.  These so-called experts and their ideas on paper, excuse me, ideas online, are smothered on every site you visit, every search engine, download, even online video you come across.  They all want the same thing, your undivided attention.  In my humble opinion, some of these experts have extremely valuable information to pass on, and others are simply wasting your time.  Or so, I first thought.  Just maybe I am wrong.  Maybe all the information, reviews, videos, downloads, and ideas from the experts could be of use to me in some minute way down the road in order for me to grow my business.  I have done the research and continue to do so to this day as I write this article, and I believe because of this effort I will be successful. In addition to what you take from the rest of the experts on the net, I have a few more ideas of my own I would like to pass on to you.  I think you will like them.  I call them my Four P’s for success.  Set your mind totally focused on staying ahead of the game by exercising patience, a positive attitude, a passionate desire to learn, and a planned out execution to exceed your goals and success will come.  Below I will share with you two of my Four P’s for success, exercising patience, and positive attitude in part one of two articles.  1)  Exercising PatiencePatience, as defined in Wikipedia, is “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.”  I love the meaning used here when it says persevering in the face of delay.  Well, each of us has faced a delay of some kind or another in respect to how quickly we expect to achieve a certain level of success.  I am probably right when I say all of as entrepreneurs get into the next best Online Business in hopes of returning a profit as quickly as possible.  Sure that would be great if we could just snap our fingers and have money start rolling in.  For most starters, it doesn’t happen this way, and did not happen this way for me either.  I have always said, “If you are making money too easily at the start, you probably are not going to be able to sustain it in the long run.”  It just doesn’t happen that way under normal circumstances in any business for that matter.  Do not ever let anyone ever tell you or make you think that running a business from home is easy because you are being fooled.  Working your business requires you to be incredibly patient for those sales to begin rolling in.  If you are able to exercise this type of  patience I am referring to, you will be able to cope with your eventual success in time much better.                                   2)  Positive AttitudeNow to attain the success you want, you must have a positive approach, or mind set with your Online Business.  This is my next P for success, positive attitude.  When I started my own Online Business, I, as most people are, was extremely skeptical in getting into something “foreign” with very little insight on what it took to run a business of this nature.  Sure, you can do your homework, research what has claimed to work for others, read reviews on what is worth your time and money to get into, or may even know someone personally who has done well for themselves working from home.  But, in reality, what may work for others may not work for you at all, right?  Wrong, it just may!  I believe it takes one characteristic as far as your approach to a new business, whether online or not, and that is a positive attitude.  That is it!  No matter what happens, no matter how long it takes you or you think it should take you, no matter what the obstacles you encounter, no matter what negative feedback you get thrown at you from others, no matter what failures you face, by keeping a positive outlook you can and will get through it.  I do not care where you come from, or where you are now, this type of attitude is the key to being successful.  As I said earlier, skepticism is the minds of just about everyone who thinks of getting into a new business, much less a business online.  However, with a positive attitude you will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how pleased you will find your results to be.                       I have outlined two of my Four P’s for success in any Online Business you venture to  start or join.  Patience during setbacks, and having a positive attitude in everything you do are vital to being successful.  These Four P’s I believe will automatically put value in your business whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert online marketer.  In addition to the training techniques, research, and information you have already gained from experts in the field,  my Four P’s for success should help boost your business forward that much more.  I hope you will try these Four P’s in your own Online Business and just maybe, as it has done for me, your experience will go from an eye popping one back to an eye opening one!